Retirement Planning

What is retirement planning?

Retirement insurance ensures that you or your family members receive a regular pension amount post a retirement date. You have the flexibility to choose the retirement date and the manner in which you receive the pension.

Why do I need retirement planning?

Longer retirement years: Average life spans are increasing in India and hence, the retirement years are likely to be longer. With the rise in inflation you will need more money to live in comfort.

Financial independence post retirement: Earlier, people could depend on their children to take care of them post retirement. However, as a modern individual, would you not like to maintain your financial independence post retirement also?

Inflation: Inflation is an important factor. Post retirement, you need a regular income to ensure that your expenses can be met.

Why should I start planning for my retirement now?

The earlier you start planning for retirement, the larger will be the corpus for you at the time of your retirement. Neglecting your retirement needs can prove to be costly later in your life.

Apart from the benefit of a comfortable retirement, also enjoy tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws.